Started by former professional wrestler Mike Fletcher (that's me) in 2020 after a battle with depression.

Find out more below about how HardKore Inc. became the brand it is today.

The Idea

HardKore Inc. was an idea that came forth during a lapse in mental health and a tough battle with depression.

Change is Next Level

Inspired by the threat of fast fashion on our environment and oceans. Making a change for good, not just another apparel brand.

Proud to be ambassadors with Ecologi.

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Trust Your Struggle

Proud to be Ambassadors to mental health with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

Conquer From Within

Providing a sustainable and eco-friendly choice is one thing, but to aid the environment whilst doing so is even better.

Helping people in their day to day to remind them, its OK not to be OK! We can achieve more together.